When you see the Jeep Renegade, you'll notice that it's been redesigned to feature the latest styling techniques as well as the appeal that you desire from an off-road vehicle. The front of the Jeep features a new design on the grille. However, you'll notice that the headlights are the classic design that you know from Jeep.

Lawley Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram can show you the various trim options and how each wheel looks on the vehicle as you can choose from two different options including a 19-inch wheel. When you're driving in Silver City, NM, other drivers can clearly see you whether you use the LED lights or the halogen lights. The LED light is actually a ring instead of the entire bulb.

As you look at the back of the Renegade, you'll notice that the tail lamps are LED lights as well. The shape has been redesigned to offer a modern design while keeping with the iconic view of the Jeep as well.

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