The Jeep Wrangler is a large, tough, and popular off-road SUV. The Wrangler boasts the eye-catching and distinctive looks that are native to all Jeep vehicles, but it also includes several features that make it especially effective in tough off-road areas. These Jeep features include specialized suspensions as well as ultra-powerful engines.

On the suspension enhancement front, the Jeep Wrangler offers vehicle operators off-road goodies such as 4:1 ratio transfer cases, electronically adjustable sway bars, and even lockable front and rear differentials. Combined with 33-inch tires, these technologies allow this vehicle to move over almost any type of terrain.

Powering the suspension components is the proprietary Jeep Wrangler turbo powered motor. This 2.0L engine features performance-enhancing direct injection technology. The high-pressure direct injection fuel streams combined with the high-pressure air provided by the turbochargers contribute to the over 270-hp engine output.

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