While larger vehicles have a reputation for being difficult to stop at a moment's notice, Dodge has included many great features to give you braking power when you need it most. This popular mid-sized SUV can help drivers in Silver City with the available brake assist and standard anti-lock brakes.

Anti-lock brakes are included on every trim level. They're designed to give you better control when applying the brakes. This is accomplished with multiple sensors. Sensors on every wheel monitor speed and adjust accordingly. The braking system can help you avoid wheel slip and stability issues in a wide range of environments.

We here at Lawley Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram are excited to introduce you to Dodge's brake assist feature. It also uses a series of sensors. When you apply the brakes, the SUV will determine if you're in an emergency braking situation based on how you apply pedal pressure. If you need more stopping power, the brakes will pre-charge so that you can come to a stop in a shorter distance.

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