Both extreme heat and cold temperatures have a big effect on the battery installed within your vehicle. These temperatures affect the way the charge is conducted, either by expanding or decreasing the cells within the battery itself.

When the car battery is exposed to extreme heat, this causes acid within the battery to reach a boiling point. As this occurs, the cells between the anode and cathode of the battery decrease. This cause the inability of the heat to dissipate from the battery creating the charge to be bridged.

When extreme cold temperatures are present, the electrolytes within the battery cells freeze. This cause the battery to discharge itself as the cells between the anode and cathode freeze and expand into the cell plates. This activity prevents the charge from being able to circulate as needed to create power for the vehicle to operate.

The Lawley Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram automotive technicians have the knowledge and experience to help you understand how the extreme outdoor temperatures play a role in the life and function of your car battery. With their help you can gain the longest life possible from the battery installed in your automobile.

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