It would seem to many people that the terms 4-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive are one and the same. However, such is not the case. Each term does describe a broader outcome of their usage, but there are definite differences and functions.

Four-wheel-drive vehicles are better known as the concept has been available longer. This mechanization uses a lower gear ratio than normal vehicles as well as a split differential. Pickup trucks and bigger off-road SUVs use this form of powertrain a lot. It is primarily used for off-road and rougher terrain driving.

All-wheel-drive vehicles are sedans, high-performance vehicles, and crossover vehicles. This configuration utilizes a stead and even distribution of power to each wheel with some slight variations depending upon the condition of the road. This delivers an even ride no matter what the road conditions are. This setup does well in weather conditions such as heavy rain, ice, and snowy situations.

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